Campos Interiors is a full service decorating company known for creating interiors that are functional and beautiful.

Listening to the needs and desires of the customer, Natalie navigates the customer through the design process, overseeing every facet of the project while bringing the client’s vision to life. She has the ability to incorporate the customer’s personality into the functionality of the space, resulting in a serene, polished home. Her rate of returning clients and referrals speaks for itself in recommending her as a professional, caring and talented decorator.

In Home Consultation

$240-$480 Depending on the time spent and location.

We will visit you in your home to discuss the details and discuss what your vision for the project is. Upon completion, we will send you a proposal which will include estimated hourly cost and a mood board.

Discovery Call


During this phone call, we will get to know what the scope of the project is and answer your questions!
Please fill out the Contact form below and we will set up a call with you.

Full Service Decorating

We have the experience and tools including access to a wide range of resources including furniture suppliers, fabric wholesalers, and artisans to provide a well-executed space that is timeless.

Ron C

Natalie is fantastic. She is a great listener, then comes back with suggestions to see if she is on the right track. She has saved us countless hours of running around looking for things by narrowing where we need to go to select what we were exactly looking for.

William Haines

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Renesmee Thomas

“I am super happy with Campos Interiors! Natalie came in and has made my life so much easier! I told her I had a budget, and she came in and even used items I already had. She did more than decorate my home! She put a warm special touch on everything she did, she pulled everything together, and now I have an up-to-date, organized, and beautiful home ready to be lived in! I highly recommend her!”

Let’s make something amazing together


Scottsdale, AZ


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